Top Star Enterprises, Inc. (TOPSTAR) supplies a wide variety of promotional products and privately labelled merchandise. We are authorized distributors for many of the top USA brands, and we also have our own office in China, which allows us to have direct relationships with many different manufacturers in Asia. This enables us to guarantee that we always provide our customers with the best quality products and most professional services, at the most competitive prices.

Our United States corporate headquarters is based in Carlsbad, California, with our Asia headquarters based in Shenzhen, China. This streamlines the entire sourcing, costing and production process, eliminating the need for third parties. This also reduces costs and the propensity for mistakes, while affording us more flexibility and allowing us to proceed in a more forthright, seamless manner. Our products include a wide variety of casino promotional items, including, but not limited to,  apparel, baseball caps, luggage cases, duffel bags,  housewares, electronics, continuity items,  slot chairs and many other items. We make sure these products are transported directly from the factory to your dock. Please contact us so we may have the opportunity to serve you.